The Magic Of Ylang Ylang

The Magic Stress Relieving Powers Of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang Ylang essential oil is one of the miracle oils that have become increasingly popular as essential oils, in general, have become more and more accepted as scientifically beneficial to one’s health.  Whether you believe in the spiritual aspects of essential oils or not, the hard truth is that the aromas created by the oils can have a significant impact on your body and mind. Known for its therapeutic aspects, ylang ylang oil has been shown to relieve stress and anxiety in high levels.

Take a journey with us to discover the magic of ylang ylang oil.

What Is It?

Ylang ylang describes the extracted perfume that comes from the flowers of the Cananga tree (also sometimes just referred to as the Ylang Ylang tree)  Indonesia, Madagascar, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Ylang ylang actually translates as “Wilderness, Wilderness” from the native Tagalog language, which is interesting given the recent surge of research into the therapeutic qualities of being in the Wilderness. The tree itself is of the Evergreen family and the flowers are of a drooping, long-petal that are a vibrant yellow-green. The aroma of the flower has a sweet, floral scent similar to Jasmine with almond and woody undertones.

Ylang Ylang II OilNative South Pacific tribes have used the ylang ylang flower for centuries for its aromatic qualities including uses in religious rites and to be spread on the beds of Indonesian newly-weds. There are certain natural ingredients that have been used throughout history for countless years by multiple civilizations that recognize the benefits and ylang ylang oil certainly falls into that category.

When you use ylang ylang oil, it is like stepping back to pre-colonial times on sandy beaches or lush rainforests. If the flowers did not have the attributed qualities that they are known for today, they might have been cast aside hundreds of years ago.

Why haven’t you heard that much about ylang ylang oil before? The truth is that while the oil has been used for its therapeutic qualities for centuries in the South Pacific and since the 18th century in France for its perfume, the actual aromatic uses of ylang ylang have only become widely popular in the general public in the last 20 or so years. Rejoice! This magic plant has finally found its heyday and is available in its pure form to arrive at your doorstep.

How Is It Created?

Ylang ylang oil is one of the few oils that are distilled in stages. First, the flowers are dried to condense the oils inside them. Next, the dried flowers are then distilled in water or are steamed to extract the oil’s pure essence. The first stage of distillation is conducted during the first hour and creates what is known as “ylang ylang extra”. “Extra” is very high in esters and ethers; it is considered the best form for uses in aromatherapy and as perfume.

Ylang Ylang II Oil BottleAfter the “Extra” is collected, the distillation process continues. During the latter half of the second and third hours, the next distillation is collected forming “ylang ylang – 1”. During the 5th hour, “ylang ylang – 2” is collected. The finally, “Ylang Ylang – 3” is collected somewhere between the 8th and 20th hour. Obviously, the different collection stages differ based on the oil producer. The longer that the distillation process continues, the higher the number of sesquiterpenes that will be found in the oil. Grades 2 & 3 are still powerfully scented, even if their aromatic effects on the body are lessened by the length of distillation, and are great for beginners or those on a budget.

Main Uses

The uses of ylang ylang oil are varied but they circle primarily around its soothing and stimulating qualities. Around the turn of the 19th century, two French chemists called Garnier and Rechler did some research into the effects of ylang ylang oil in disease. They found that the oil had some positive effects on Malaria, Typhus, and other fever related diseases.


As a natural antidepressant, ylang ylang oil can help bring positive emotion through its scent. The oil has been found to release a small amount of dopamine into the brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter found in the brain that sends signals to the mind and body to help create functions such as mood control, memory, sleep, and happiness.  Ylang ylang oil has been found to be particularly impactful for those that have recently experienced acute stress or trauma. However, it is important to note that depression is a serious illness. If you are experiencing serious depression, please consult a licensed medical professional

Emotional Support

Ylang ylang soothers an unsettled mind, clearing negatives rumblings and brings an uplifting sense along with a fragrance that lets our hearts be soft, so healing can occur.

High Blood Pressure

High Blood pressure is a major health issue that affects millions of Americans.  Ylang ylang oil makes a wonderful adjunct to medication. The relaxation agents in the oil cause calmness and help to lower high blood pressure. Please remember that high blood pressure is a serious medical condition. If you are experiencing symptoms related to high blood pressure, please consult a medical professional and do not rely solely on essential oils or if your blood pressure lowers while using ylang ylang, consult your doctor.


We are constantly surrounded by microbes. Anytime your skin receives an abrasion, cut, or wound, there is a high possibility that the injury can become infected by these microbes. Ylang ylang oil has natural antiseptic capabilities that can inhibit bacterial growth in wounds. Furthermore, when applied to the skin, the essential oil can stop fungal growth such as in the case of athlete’s foot or ringworm.  Ylang ylang can be ingested in small amounts (1-2 drops) but is best taken in water.


Ylang ylang oil mixes very well with other oils. A few drops mixed with coconut oil is an extremely effective skin care blend that has fantastic moisturizing abilities. Bergamot, Almond, Grapefruit, Lavender, and Sandalwood oils provide a great balance for ylang ylang oil’s benefits. If you have other essential oils, look into what mind and body benefits they have then see if ylang ylang oil is a good combination.


Ylang ylang oil often acts as a minor sedative to people. Those that are experiencing high stress have found that the sensory agents in the oil can have a calming effect on the mind and body. If used frequently when experiencing anger, anxiety, or nervousness combined with deep breathing, your mind will begin to associate the oil with relaxation. Ylang ylang oil is a great tool to use with meditation given the calming effects on the mind. Also, consider rubbing a few drops in a carrier oil on your chest before sleep to help relax for a night of restful sleep.


Ylang ylang oil has long been used as an aphrodisiac to benefit sex lives. Those that have experienced a loss of libido or sexual energy can benefit from the relaxation and sensual stimulation of the oil. Modern life is full of hustle and bustle. After a long day of work and running around, it is sometimes difficult to get oneself in the mood.  The essence of ylang ylang oil can enhance your enjoyment.

Nervous System

Ylang ylang oil has been found to support the nervous system. Sometimes the oil can repair damage to nerves. As a calming agent, it can also calm overactive nerves and protect them from future damage. A great use of ylang ylang oil is in the bath for enhanced relaxation before bed. Inhale in the morning, to keep yourself calm.

Skin Care

Along with its antiseptic abilities, essential oil of the Ylang Ylang flower acts as a great moisturizer that soaks into the skin while providing protection. As a cleaning agent, the oil can remove dead skin cells and inhibit microbial growth. It is also known for its anti-seborrhoeic capabilities, which help to fight acne. Your sebaceous glands secrete a serum that helps to keep your skin and hair from drying out. However, when this serum dries on the skin, it can build up and clog your pores which causes inflammation and pimples. Ylang ylang oil is efficient at removing this build up which helps to fight acne from appearing.

Ylang Ylang Oil And You

As you can see, the benefits of ylang ylang oil are plentiful. The scent alone is like a perfect breeze on a hot day. Grab a bottle and transport yourself to an ocean paradise.