Wild Sandalwood Essential Oil


(Santalum paniculatum)

100% wild Sandalwood essential oil has a rich, deep, precious wood, creamy balsamic bouquet with a uniform long-lasting dryout.


Our Favorite Way to Use Wild Sandalwood Essential Oil:

Inhale this special oil to relax and focus your mind. You will be pleased with the mental clarity it brings.


antibacterial , antidepressant , antifungal , antiseptic , antitumor , antiviral , aphrodisiac , sedative


acne , anxiety , back pain , bronchitis , cough , cystitis , depression , hemorrhoids , herpes , indigestion , inflammation , insomnia , itching , lung congestion , muscle spasms and pain , nausea , nerve pain , nervousness , sore throat , stress , tension , wrinkles

Processing: Organically grown in the rich red volcanic soil of Mauna Loa at 5,000 ft. on the island of Hawaii. The unique 3,000-acre sandalwood rural farm is family owned and represents a new generation of forestry management. The land has been nurtured to return to its native condition after years of cattle and wild sheep grazing. The farm is dedicated to environmental responsibility and guided by ancient cultural values for a more sustainable Hawaii. Santalum paniculatum is native to Hawaii and is found nowhere else in the world. The seedlings are grown in biodegradable sleeves to protect them from herbivores. Irrigation is from an abundance of natural rainwater. The sandalwood is first chipped into small pieces to increase the surface area and then steam distilled on site.

How to Use: topically with or without carrier oil, diffuse, in bath, massage, GRAS* for internal use and foods

Storage: cool, dark place – shelf life 8 years or more if stored properly

Emotions Influences: Helps us mediate on releasing feelings of isolation, past ties that limit our connection to both our human and spiritual selves. It brings harmony and peace.

Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or on medication consult your Doctor. Keep away from eyes and sensitive areas. For topical use dilute with carrier oil.

* Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by FDA
Weight 8 oz

2 ML, 5 ML


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