Organic Fresh Ginger Essential Oil


(Zingiber officinale)

100% pure organic Fresh Ginger essential oil has a tangy, warm, fresh, light, citrus (topnote), aromactic, spicy bouquet with a sweet aroma.


Our Favorite Way to Use Organic Fresh Ginger Essential Oil:

Always have on hand for that upset stomach or digestion issues. Great with some honey in a tea to ward off colds (use one drop + ½ tsp honey).


antiseptic , laxative , stimulant


arthritis , bacterial infection , chills , circulation , colds , congestion , cough , fever , gas , headaches , indigestion , lung congestion , menstrual cramps , motion sickness , muscle aches and pains , nausea , respiratory infection , rheumatism , sinus infection , sore throat , sprains , teething

Processing: Steam distilled rhizomes from Indonesia.

How to Use: topically with or without carrier oil, diffuse, in bath, massage, GRAS* for internal use and foods

Storage: cool, dark place – shelf life up 5 years if stored properly

Emotional Influences: This sharp smelling spice supports a change in life direction, one whiff reminds us of how quickly life does change and they can be made more easily with the courage and empathy ginger gives us.

Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or on medication consult your Doctor. Keep away from eyes and sensitive areas. For topical use dilute with carrier oil.

* Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by FDA
Weight 8 oz

10 ML, 5 ML


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