Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil


(Eucalyptus radiata)

100% pure organic Eucalyptus essential oil has a soft, sweet, penetrating, camphoraceous-cineolic bouquet with a minty-woody-terpenic undertone.



Our Favorite Way to Use Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil

This is a must-have oil for cold and flu season. Diffuse it, put on your chest and under your nose or take a hot steaming bath with Eucalyptus.

Processing: Steam distilled leaves of the tree from Australia.

How to Use: topically with or without carrier oil, diffuse, in bath, massage, can be used neat (without diluting)


analgesic , antibacterial , antibiotic , anticatarrhal , anti-infectious , anti-inflammatory , antiseptic , antiviral , expectorant


acne , arthritis , asthma , boils , bronchitis , chicken pox , circulation , colds , conjunctivitis , coughs , cystitis , ear inflammation , endometriosis , fever , flu , headaches , insect bites , lung congestion , migraines , mouth infections , muscle soreness , muscle strains , nasal congestion , nervous exhaustion , rheumatism , sinus congestion , sinusitis , sore throat , sprains , vaginitis , viral infection , whooping cough

Emotional Influences: Awaken to your own healing powers with the aid of concentration and centering that the Eucalyptus offers from its fresh, yet sweet power.

Storage: cool, dark place – shelf life up to 3 years if stored properly.

Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or on medication consult your Doctor. Keep away from eyes and sensitive areas. For topical use dilute with carrier oil.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz

10 ML, 5 ML


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