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Meet Kathe Calcagno

Kathe Calcagno

Kathe Calcagno

I have been using our purveyor’s premiere essential oils for over 30 years, and still their quality heightens my awareness of the rich and healing attributes of each oil. Using them means I can simplify my medicine cabinet and enrich my health and vibrancy. Essential oils have a long history and will continue their powerful presence in today’s busy world.

The oils’ benefits ease my nerves, awakens my drive, and knocks out a cold quickly, supporting all of who I am. I use oils for bruises/aches when my dogs are going wild, and for aroma pleasure. I am pleased to make these available to you to explore how essential oils can support your healing and getting what you want in life.

My favorite thing to do with oils is to layer different ones for an exquisite “new” aroma.

Meet Philippa Crawford

Philipa Crawford

Philippa Crawford

From an early age, I have wondered about possibilities — the whys, what ifs, and how all of life and the beyond blends together. At a later stage, vibrational healing caught my interest as I realized everything has a vibrational frequency.

Now, essential oils vibrantly expand my health and world of possibilities. I use oils to guide me inward to unseen knowledge, and to physically stretch healing paradigms. Quintessential oils speak with the essence of truth, and I hope to touch the busy outer environment  with that fundamental knowledge.

My favorite thing to do with oils is to mix Frankincense oil in coconut oil for my skin, use Cedarwood Atlas oil for grounding and empowerment, and a combination of Hyssop, Peppermint, and Eucalyptus oil to ward off colds. I love the scent of Eucalyptus after the camphorous aroma has transformed to a momentary light and sweet floral scent.